Silver - Promo - Anti Rival Vaccine
Silver - Pharma - Anti Rival Vaccine
Bronze - Creative eCommerce - Shift+K+F+C
Bronze - Media - Shift+K+F+C
3xShortlist - Omo Tag
Shortlist - Direct - McDonald's Promoticon
Shortlist - Pharma - Anti Rival Vaccine

Merit - eCommerce - Shift+K+F+C
Merit - Direct - Anti Rival Vaccine

Shortlist - Gaming - Shift+K+F+C

Silver - Direct - Omo Tag

Grand Prix - B. Exp. & Activation - Omo Tag 
Grand Prix - Radio - The Predictive Radio Spot
Grand Prix - Direct - Promoticon
Grand Prix - Mobile - Promoticon
Gold - Direct - Shift+K+F+C
Gold - Outdoor - Omo Tag
Gold - Direct - Promoticon
3xSilver - Shift+K+F+C
2xSilver - Omo Tag
2xSilver - Promoticon
Silver - Film - Big Families
3xBronze - Shift+K+F+C
2xBronze - Omo Tag

3xBronze - McDonald's Promoticon
2xBronze - Clasico Dogs
Bronze - Print & Publishing - Big Families
Bronze - Media - Kefa Spare Parts

Gold - Digital Communication - Shift+K+F+C
Silver - Out of Home - Omo Tag
Silver - Design for Digital - McDonald's Promoticon
Silver - Film - Big Families
Bronze - Design - Shift+K+F+C
Bronze - Integrated - Shift+K+F+C
2xBronze - Omo Tag
Bronze - Print - Connect XXX Parental Control

Silver - Sports - Anti Rival Vaccine
Silver -
Interactive - Fanta Adventure
Bronze - Promo & Activation - Anti Rival Vaccine
Bronze - Outdoor - Anti Rival Vaccine

Effie Mena - Gold - Youth Marketing - Shift+K+F+C
Effie Mena - Silver - Positive Change - Clasico Dogs
Wave Festival - Bronze - Promo - Anti Rival Vaccine
Wave Festival - Bronze - Direct - Anti Rival Vaccine
Lürzer's Archive - Issue 5+6/2020 - Connect Parental Control
Lürzer's Archive - Issue 2/2020 - Mashreq Baggage Insurance
Lürzer's Archive - Issue 2/2019 - Connect Big Families
Lürzer's Archive - Issue 4/2016 - Forbes Billionaires
BW Report 2019 - Top 10 Art Directors MENA Region (4th)
BW Report 2018 - Top 10 Art Directors MENA Region (7th)
WARC Mena - GP - Pivot to Digital - Shift+K+F+C
Cristal Festival - 3x Bronze - McDonald's Promoticon
Comm. Arts - 2016 Advertising Annual - Forbes Billionaires
Contagious - The Most Contagious Campaigns of 2017
Contagious - TBWA RAAD - The 8th Bravest agency on the Planet
Young Lions UAE Competition - Bronze - Print

Hello! I am a Brazilian/Portuguese Art Director and an amateur guitar player, living and working in Zurich. Not as a guitar player.

When I was younger, I used to follow my dad, a photographer, on his photoshoots for advertising.  I was always fascinated to see ideas coming to life through his camera and intrigued by the visual concepts and solutions from the different creatives who used to pass by his studio. I believe that was when without knowing it, I started to become an Art Director.

My career in advertising started as a Digital Art Director at Repense, a local Brazilian agency, and after one year, tons of banners, and great friends made there, I had the chance to join Ogilvy Brazil.

At Ogilvy, I was lucky to learn from many talented people and leaders in our industry, who helped in my development as a creative. It was also there the place where I had my first achievements in the ad world.

At the end of 2016, I moved to the Emirates to join TBWA Dubai, helping the agency to win the title of Agency of The Year in the Dubai Lynx, the most important award in the region, and being the number 1 in the Cannes Lions regional ranking.

My cycle in Dubai ended in 2021 with 2 bronze lions for the Shift + KFC campaign just when packed my stuff and moved to Zürich for a new chapter.

It is been a good time in Switzerland so far, especially in the summertime as I was not raised with any snowboarding or skiing skills but surfing waves in Rio. The cheese is great which is a huge plus for me, trains are always on time, and I’m also trying to be.

(+41) 797931099   



Farner Consulting AG | Mar 2021 - Present
TBWA RAAD Dubai | Dec 2016 - Dec 2020
Ogilvy & Mather Brazil | Jul 2012 - Nov 2016
Repense Comunicação | Aug 2011 - Jul 2012